Made some more gimbap for Htin [he liked them, yaaaay! <3] spent a lazy, sleepy afternoon and then to work.  

I get super distracted whenever my students bring me one of their books for me to read.  I think its super sweet that they’ll bring something they think I’ll like. It seems that authors are trying to incorporate graphic novel/comic visuals to entice younger readers, which is totally cool in my opinion. The Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell was a little too dramatic for me; the protagonist especially but I guess when you’re 10-15 years old… [or forever in your life, depending on who you are] life is pretty dramatic.  Smile by Rain Telgemier was easily my favorite from the two different books I’ve read so far.  Much more down to earth and pretty informative about how braces works.  I’m really tempted to buy Raina’s next book for my students but they said they had a gift card; they just need to wait for their mom to take them. Sigh, I have a soft spot for avid readers~ especially since I was and still am one, myself :)

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